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Filling the need for multimodal, dynamic, myocardial imaging phantoms


To innovate the most cost-effective, dynamic, multimodal heart phantom for accurate machine calibration and testing of novel imaging strategies.



PhantomCor is a team of multidiscliplinary engineering students woring to innovate heart phantom design. With backgrounds ranging from bioengineering to physics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, the students strive to apply engineering principles from the classroom to the real world challenges poised by the phantom.


November 2015 to December 2015

Brainstormed ideas for overall design and structure. Researched similar projects to find ways to make our design an improvement on previous heart phantoms.

January 2016

Started prototyping and fabricating single heart ventricle models and began building pump system for dynamic imaging capabilities

March 2016

Wrote Arduino code for stepper motor driving our pump system using individual pulse waveforms. Presented prototype and poster at Engineering Open House at UIUC.

October 2016

PhantomCor travelled to the 2016 Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) National Conference for both poster and booth presentations with the UIUC BIOE department.

March 2017

Participated in Engineering Open House 2017, teaching attendees about what we do and why it’s important. Honored with an award for the Most Innovative project at EOH.

April 2017

Competed in the Cozad New Venture Competition, UIUC’s largest entrepreneurial competition. Placing 3rd place from 100+ student ideas, projects, and companies, PhantomCor was awarded with lab space at Enterprise Works, legal services, and prize money.

October 2017

PhantomCor will be returning to the BMES National Conference, this time for the honor of an oral presentation due to be given by our faculty mentor, Dr. Wawrzyniec Dobrucki

Our Team

PhantomCor Team Members

  • Hiba Shahid

    Hiba Shahid

    Team Leader
  • Pierce Hadley

    Pierce Hadley

    Heart Fabrication Lead
  • Boeun Hwang

    Boeun Hwang

    Build Team Leader
  • Viraat Goel

    Viraat Goel

    Social Lead
  • Bara Saadah

    Bara Saadah

    Media Lead
  • Joshua Au

    Joshua Au

  • Teresa Yang

    Teresa Yang

  • Alex Hasnain

    Alex Hasnain

  • Hugh Yeh

    Hugh Yeh

  • Craig Soares

    Craig Soares

  • Monika Kizerwetter

    Monika Kizerwetter